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Making a brand new site is great! You get to start from scratch and completely re-imagine and refresh the design. However this can at times leave you with a problem. The new site looks bare! There’s nothing to look at, you have no idea how it’ll look once editors start using it and populating it with data. This is unbelievably important! You can often be surprised at how many bugs and issues spring up when you can’t thoroughly test your new site with data, text, images, and strange editorial practices.

Some of these you can account for, unfortunately it’s not the editorial practices. Lorem Ipsum to the rescue! Lorem Ipsum is just some dummy text you can generate and insert into your site to give it the look and feel of being populated. It’s an industry standard in print and publishing. Lorem Ipsum is not random text, but has roots in classical Latin literature.

http://www.lipsum.com/¬†–¬†Lipsum is a great site that lets you generate any amount of text to insert into your site.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce in ante at tellus aliquam gravida. Vestibulum elit nibh, elementum ac ligula eu, rhoncus cursus massa. Etiam ac tincidunt diam, quis mattis eros. Integer lobortis velit nec nisl euismod ullamcorper. In massa lacus, condimentum nec libero in, consectetur fermentum nisl. Curabitur dapibus tincidunt tellus. Duis feugiat tortor ante, interdum pretium ligula vehicula ac. Suspendisse mollis justo vitae quam consectetur pharetra. Mauris tempus libero non justo semper, sit amet tempus metus lacinia. Etiam porta pellentesque nisl, eu pharetra mauris cursus et. Donec eleifend massa ac faucibus ultrices. Praesent vel sagittis nibh.

Why stop at just text? What about images? With websites being so visual and focused on big images with strong impact, you’re going to need some images to know what your site is going to look like later on. Windows sample images can only get you so far!

http://lorempixel.com/ – Lorem Pixel to the rescue! It can generate random images of a desired height and width. You can even tell it what category you want the image to be from! Below – a random 676px by 400px image from the ‘technics’ category.

With just these two tools you can very quickly populate your site with some dummy data. Which will give you (and your client) an invaluable insight into how your site will look.


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