Development Processes – Making WP Config Generic

My Process

When developing a site it’s good to have levels of separation between your development environment and a live production server. I normally have three levels when creating a site:

  1. Development
    • This server is mine, I can do what I want on it and destroy what I please. Clients and users will have absolutely no visibility of it. There will be frequent changes of varying size and complexity.
  2. QA
    • This is where clients start to come in. Using this server they can view major versions that I release from Development when they are ready. This should be a stable server but will have well controlled occasional changes.
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Character Encoding Woes

Recently I’ve been plagued with character encoding issues everywhere I go. Inevitably people just do not plan for special characters on their website. English does not generally use them, so it can often slip the mind of developers. Unfortunately special characters are extremely important and if you do not cater for them your website can look unprofessional or just plain bad. This is especially true if you have a team of editors working on your site to provide content – content copied from word processors/publishing software can unintentionally contain special characters such as curly quotes ( ‘ ’ “ ” ) and long dashes ( — ).… Read the rest