Installing Laravel on an AWS AMI

Today I decided to install Laravel on my AWS instance to have a bit of a play and see if I can’t create something fun. The Laravel website¬†provides¬†incredibly good guides which contain most of the required details:


Upgrading packages

I am using an Amazon Linux AMI for my instance, which uses PHP 5.3 as it’s standard PHP version. Laravel requires PHP version 5.5.9 or above, so first things first, install PHP 5.6:

sudo yum remove php* httpd*
sudo yum install httpd24 php56
sudo yum install php56-mysqlnd php56-gd php56-mbstring
service httpd start

This removes the old versions of PHP and Apache that are installed, installs updated versions of both, and then will install some extra PHP packages that are required, and finally starts Apache back up.… Read the rest